The Jewel Of Yavin

Session 2
Kimje's Log

Abridged Outline eventually I’ll turn this into something. The outline is NOW complete . If I’m missing anything please feel free to edit this.

We made our first hyperspace jump but were followed by some type of new TIE Fighter.
Shooter hid SBJ’s spare parts.
I turned the ship about to go head-to-head.
Shooter and Ming manned the turrets and SBJ manned the engineer/copilot station
SBJ attempted to slice into the TIE’s systems but they were well protected but was able to boost the accuracy of shooters targeting instead.

I went vertical and overtook the TIE making an awesome K turn
Shooter took him out with one well placed shot
We made the 2nd jump to Bespin without incident
When we reached orbit we received an encrypted com telling us to go to Port Town and find a Pantoran in Market Row. We had about 2 hours to kill before we would figure out who our contact was so we decided to have a look around.

Not long after, port authority contacted us about docking.
I was able to trick them into thinking I was still a resident and got us a 25% docking fee discount.
We were instructed to land on platform 14A-768 near Port Town
We attempted to lock down the ship and systems extra tight as Port Town is shady
We were greeted by an ugnaught who we suspected was a con artist.
Shooter looked him over and asked for his credentials
The credentials show his name to be Garo but Ming wasn’t convinced and laid down some coercive persuasion. It worked very well and now Garo is our ships personal guard and maintenance tech.
Garo” What a piece of Junk”
Kimje “Shes got it where it counts Kid”
Garo “That’s not what my wife said”

We headed to Market Row on Level 121.
Like a noob, I ask the first guy in the market where the black market is he gets freaked out but I convince him I was joking and was looking for the bathroom.

SBJ attempted to hack into a terminal to try and get into the security feed. Not surprisingly, he got distracted and starts to Smoogle for droid parts stores and finds Hosk’s Droid Parts and Accessories.
Ming grabs another guy and tries to intimated him into telling us where the black market is it doesn’t work either and we are starting to gather prying eyes.
We break it up and decided to find some dancing girls. We hit a place called Fancy Garak’s
As we enter, Ming has his mind set on showing his strength but the bouncer doesn’t take a liking to him. The bouncer tells him to watch his step. Shooter came in and tries to smooth things over but is also told to mind his step.
SBJ finds a terminal and actually hacks into the security cameras in Market Row

He’s able to track down the Pantoran female we are supposed to look for.
We approach her and before we can ask whats going on she tell us she’s being followed and to meet her by a droid access hatch in 10 min as soon as she leaves we notice she’s being tailed.

I play drunk and distract the guys who are following her while Ming brings in extra support “Are you messing with my friend?” they clearly have lost her and give up.

At the access hatch she thanks us for distracting her husband’s men and that her father has a job for us.
Her name is Aris Shen and she bids us to follow her to her father’s apartment.
Shooter knows that she is married to Vorse Tabarith’s, a shady casino financier.

We go to to the apartment on level 50 it’s a upper middle class area with nice apartments we are greeted by Arend Shen (Aris’ father).

He explains to us that he wants to do business with us and that we have been recommended by Lutron. We agree that we are in and he lays down the details.

There is a Jewel called the Jewel of Yavin being auctioned off here in Bespin in 3 days. He wants a bidding war to happen to raise the price then we will steal the credits during transfer. Once that is done, he then wants to steal the jewel itself and sell it for more money.
It’s being auctioned by Marus Grayson and The Jewel is contraband in Imperial Space so Marus is hoping to unload it in the outer rim where the Imperials have less influence. It turns out Shooter is aware of the Corusca gems and he informs us that it’s illegal in Imperial space because it can be used as a lightsaber crystal.

We didn’t rightly ask him why he’s stealing it or for that matter stealing it twice he seems well off as it is perhaps we should investigate this.

There are 7 potential bidders
Kaltho The Hutt
Shreya Ordassa
Zekra Fol
Mil Mikkir
Pos Podura
Vorse Tabarith (Aris husband casino owner) Pawn doing it because Aris wants him to.

We have little to no info on these people.
There is no buyer for the gem currently.
The escape plan is to jump on their Yacht the Venture.
The Jewel is being held in the Figg and Associate Art Museum (on Level 22) and is open from 10 am to 6 pm local time.
We have 3 days until the auction.
There is a race Cloud Car Grand Prix and the winner gets invited to the auction gala
Winner of the race gets 30k credits
Arend will pay the entrance fee for the race and has a cloud car we can use
We got fronted 10k for supplies and gear

SBJ says we need a computer Spike and banking encryption sample.
Attempting to be a fake buyer would be exceedingly difficult so it was decided this was not an option.
The spike will cost 300 but SBJ remembers he has a bunch of the parts and gives a list of the rest of it to Ming to go shopping. He was able to negotiate the price and the guy really likes him and his business. Ming seems to have an in with this merchant.

SBJ goes to the museum to look around maps around 1/3 of it finds out there is a service door in the back, one roving guard droid and also discovered each exhibit has sensors on it no visible cameras. There is a section on Zim The Despots work. There are no apparent terminals except for the one at the main desk.

Shooter and I went to check out the Cloud Car.
It’s in a tiny garage. We gave it a good once over and found the exterior seems in decent shape.
I took the time to familiarize myself with the controls
Shooter does the same with the gunners station (We get a boost die during the race for this)
We take it out for a spin and get a feel for it we think of a few mechanics that might help us out (having previously lived here):
Honest Grek’s is spendy but the work is good
An Ugnaught named Pugsly but he doesn’t speak basic maybe we can get Garo to help us out.

We park it and notice other people prepping their cars we go and talk to one of them
We meet Gerrol Hunn and Chara Tull they are in the race as well
Gerrol is a coreilian and notices that I am as well. We start talking shop and he claims he’s the number 1 seed. I ask if he will take me up and show me the course and he gets pushy about why we are asking all these questions

“Are you with media?” he inquired.

I lie and say we are with Cloud 5 news “I hate the media” he tells us “But there is something about me that he just likes (triumph) He shows me the course. I also get a feel that he’s a slightly better pilot than me.
Meanwhile Shooter is hitting on Chara (a very attractive human female) in his attempts he gets on about talking about big game and Chara tells him about the dangerous creatures even on the course. She tells Shooter that a particularly large creature is attracted to the electro magnetic field the cloud cars put out as its very close to the signature of what it likes to eat in the atmosphere.

We meet up in the garage and share our info
I ask SBJ if he can build a device that will boost the electo magnetic signature to attract more of these creatures. In 2 hours hes got a small palm sized device that he says will work…now we just got to get close enough to attach it to Grall’s Cloud car
It’s the early evening of the first day

What still needs to be done
1. Get the banking encryption samples
2. Tour the rest of the museum
3. Start getting backgrounds about the bidders try and work some early magic
4. Get other tools to help is break into the museum
5. Try and figure out the other racers and see what kind of competition im up against
6. Plan the credit heist and the jewel theft
7. Build the computer spike
8. Possibly mod the cloud car
9. Get some practice in
10. Figure out a disguises if needed
11. Talk to Arend about why he’s doing this

Session 1
Kimje's log

Personal Log

I took the Rusty Ronto out to Koda Station to follow a lead on Vanda and her ship the “Big Sky”. After getting in late the day before I took a snooze in the hangar then made my way out into the station. Luckily security is lax here and one of the customs officers just left his office and his terminal wide open and online. In searching old manifests I discovered she had been here two weeks ago (or at least the Big sky had) and was taking “Food” out to Ryloth. It must be from the local farms out in this system…or it being Koda Station it might not be. I’d head straight there if I wasn’t so damn pressed of credits. A man has to work to eat and she sure as hell will be long gone by the time I can make out to Ryloth.

The only real option was to go and talk to Lutron about some work. I made a stop into the “End of the World” Cantina to find him. The End of the Wolrd Cantina is not the worst dive I’ve ever been in but it has its share of thugs. I walked right in to find some (Klatoonian?) ripped and armed to the teeth sitting at the bar…We didn’t talk then but later I’d find out Ming was pretty good in a tight spot. At least he could drink and was downing a Tatooine Tangoray. It looked so good I had to get one for myself. I ordered one and asked around for Lutron to witch the droid barkeep pointed toward the back.

I found that little Toydarian in the back by the holo screen. I don’t know what it is about Lutron and his bitch drinks but a Nabooian Sunrise! Really man what are you some 16 year old sneaking into mom and dad’s liquor cabinet! That aside that toydarian rubs me the wrong way talking to me about the empire… I was going to ask if he had seen Vanda but even him mentioning the empire got my blood boiling. We got down to business real quick after some talk about me being broke and money not growing on trees except when toydarians used to use trees as money.

Lutron told me he had a job for me and would take his standard 10% cut but It was a ” group thing” I looked at him sideways and told him I’m not really into that kind of thing and that I’m sure there were enough dancing girls around to help him out with that. He explained that “no it’s a heist and you will need a team”. I remember the big guy at the bar. I would likely need some muscle and he looked the type to be out of work. I thought what the hell do I have to lose I have a ship he’s got the brawn that’s half of what we need. So I struck up a conversation with Ming and after some haggling over his cut and telling him Lutron was going to take 20% we agreed to split the profit in equal shares.

Out of nowhere so big ass Chiss comes bursting into the conversation carrying the biggest riffle I’ve ever seen. Well Ming took exception to it and tried to rattle his cage. The whole bar stared diving under tables and duck for cover but it didn’t even phase the Chiss named Shooter. The two of them had some immediate bond and while we had muscle there was something more about Shooter than meets the eye. He would also prove to be handy later in a tight spot.

While I’m no slouch about sneaking around and breaking locks I knew we needed one last piece. A slicer was key to any heist. Ming suggested we take it back to my ship the Rusty Ronto to talk it over. We would stagger out exits as to not look suspicious. (Like almost casing a bar brawl wouldn’t do that). I made my way back to the Ronto first thinking about who we could find as a slicer. As I got close to her the lights in the cockpit began to flicker and you could hear her power cycle just cry out for help. I walked around the perimeter to find the main ramp down. I was sure I locked it up and I tried to ask one of the maintenance droids if he left it open. He ran off scarred shitless when I asked so there was no other choice but to check it out.

Shooter came in just as I was about to make my way in. I told him I think someone is still onboard and I asked him to block the exit in case someone was in there and was going to try and haul ass. I slipped inside and could hear the fuck rustling around in cargo 3 so I took it real quite like into the maintenance hatch and snuck up on his ass. It looked like an assassin droid from behind the grate and he was messing with the power cup link for the hyperdrive. I thought Dresner had found a bounty hunter to track me down but I had to know so I put my blaster on stun and took a shot.

The fucking droid was a quick bastard and noticed me just before I fried. He evaded the shot but laid there cowering on the floor. I yelled for Shooter “to get in here” as Shooter and Ming came in together we started to interrogate the big spark plug. I told him to patch the Ronto back up and he did it so quick it made my head spin. I also asked him if he opened the hatch to the ship “he also said that he did that. So I did the only sane thing any thief would do…I offered him a job. SBJ-3P0 was now a part of “The group”

We headed back to the cantina to chat with Lutron and finalize the deal, He gave Ming a transponder and told us we needed to get to Bespin. This was such a bad idea not knowing much about the job talking on complete strangers but hey a fella’s got to eat.

On the way to the ship we hit a bit of a panic as the station rumbled and creaked. Then out of no where all the ad boards flashed an imperial code and Some Captain Gawynn Dystra and her ship the inquisition declared the station on lockdown and that boarding teams were coming on to search for criminals and rebels….I knew right then they were after me…although Shooter didn’t look too happy about it either….”We got to go now”

I fucking hate Imperials but I know how they work we had to keep them distracted I looked around for some escape pods to jettison just to keep them busy but some other panicked dumb asses climbed into one and off they went for us. We made our way to the docking ay to find a Lambda Shuttle disembarking a squad of stormies and they didn’t look to happy to see us. It had been almost a year since I’d actually been in combat and it took me aback a bit. I couldn’t say the same for Ming as he took a blaster bolt to the shoulder and then charged in strategically finding cover and in drawing his blade. Shooter took out a black and white with a well-placed shot and hitting another. SBJ looked around and found some turrets on the walls and what appeared to be its controls. He sliced into the system waiting for it to boot up.

I fucking hate imperials so much so sometimes I’m blinded with rage. I charged in head first behind a crate and took out another trooper. Ming had two come around on his side and got them both knocked to the ground with one big hit. Shooter then scored another hit on the sergeant this time but he was able to shrug it off.

The lambda shuttle is pretty easy to fly and the best thing about it is its very accurate auto pilot system. I saw that the shuttle ramp was still down and I could only see the pilot left in there. I rushed the shuttle firing at the sergeant on my way past. This baby had a date with the Inquisition.

I could heat the turrets fire from inside the ship and judging by the thud I was pretty sure the rest of the stormies were done for. I made my way to the cockpit just as the pilot spun around. His eyes went wide as he called out for help over his com but it was too late as I sent the bastard to his grave. I couldn’t leave it alone though every time I see an imperial ship I have that thought “maybe Dresner was on that ship.” And that bastard had to pay for what he did to me and Vanda and who knows how many others. I programed the shuttle on a return course and I may have adjusted the coordinates to be the bridge of the Inquisition instead of its hanger bay. I scurried down the ramp as the shuttle flew nice and straight out of the hangar.

We got on board and out into space to see the Tie Fighters chasing after the shuttle and trying to shoot it down. Of course the fucking Inquisition was an indictor class though but we were able to find the range of its gravity well and get the hell out of dodge. Now we got to lose the indictor ship and get our ass to Bespin. Only time will tell if we can work as a team to pull whatever this is off. I like our odds though but that’s mostly because I never look at them.

The Story So Far...

Coming soon!

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