Kimje Kiatel

PC: Jeremy


Personality Characteristics:
Like most corellains Kimje is a bit brash a bit cocky and a lot competitive. He also has an obnoxious talent for using puns. Not overly chatty He prefers to let his skill do the talking giving a big beaming smile when he knows he’s showing someone up. He knows he’s a good pilot and that’s where his skill set currently ends. He is quite a creative thinker and likes and is trying to learn new skills.

Has an affinity for jewels and art
Likes to read…mostly flight manuals and astrogation charts

1.75m tall ( a little short for a storm trooper)
Wavy Shaggy White hair
Hazel eyes
A scar that runs from forehead to mid cheek over his right eye (He calls it “his parting gift” from Dresner)

Wears a dark shale gray heavy clothing with lime green trim and piping high hard military style boots.
He’s left handed but wears a reverse holster on his right hip (Reach Across)


Kimje(Kim-Jay) Kiatel (Kia-Tell)
Alias: Jay Atel (Ah-Tell)
Human Smuggler-Pilot
Born: 25 BBY Corellia Kor Vella

Early Life:
The only child born into an upper-middle class family Kimje’s early life was a fairly active. His father was Plasma Salesman who traveled often and was a staunch supporter of Palpitine. His mother was a local arts/crafts dealer who kept her political views to herself. Kimje spent his early years often traveling with his family on sales trips learning about different cultures and loved the adventure of roaming across the galaxy. His father’s firm eventually moved his family to live on Bespin to attempt to grow the plasma trade however his father could not find solid footing selling plasma there. Eventually his father was reassigned to Naboo. All the while his mother would drag him begrudgingly to art shows and operas. She insisted on a well-rounded education that included a healthy dose of art appreciation. Kimje hated most of it but grew to appreciate fine jewelry and art.

After a few more years of struggling to make it big Kimje’s family was then reassigned to Naboo. Kimje learned early that change is the normal state of the galaxy. It soon became clear that seeing as much of the galaxy as he could was his dream and being a pilot was his ticket to the stars. In his early teens he took to befriending pilots on his father’s trips and worked his way into several cockpits. He showed a natural aptitude and by the time he was 16 he was a skilled pilot and astrogator. Although he was tempted to join CORSEC he wanted to see more of the galaxy and the Imperial Navy seemed the best choice. With his dad’s encouragement at 18 he applied and was accepted into the Imperial academy.

Imperial Academy,
Kimje’s scored high enough on his exams to attend the official Imperial Naval Academy and not just some sector school. This was an intense 3 year program instead of the normal 1 year program that showed him some of the harsh reality of serving in the navy and serving for the empire. He had to follow strict orders and treat civilians as scum. While he excelled academically he did not quite fit in socially. His attitude toward civilians was too kind as was his treatment of non-humans. He believed in fairness over power. This turned many other cadets away from him thinking he was weak or clueless about how the real world worked. Except for one lovely lady Cadet Vanda Steen also shared his views and was also from Corellia. She was strong, smart and beautiful and a target of distaste from other cadets.

After the first year the course became very competitive. Kimje and Vanda were at the top of the class and many people didn’t like seeing them there, One of them was Monty Dresner the son of an Admiral. Dresner had his mind set on being the top performer in his class so he could please his father. In a well thought out scheme he attempted to frame Kimje for cheating during astrogation test. He slipped a cheat sheet into his pocket and once Kimje had passed he alerted the cheat sheet to the instructor. Kimje however calmly protested that someone was framing him and insisted that the instructor immediately retest him and change the questions origin or destination points. The instructor had seen both sides of ambition in this very competitive school and had seen both cheats and people being framed. He didn’t much like Kimje but his aptitude was undeniable. against his better judgment he decided to let him immediately retest but would only let him pass if he scored 90% or above. Kimje Agreed and the instructor gave him 10 difficult questions from the navigators test. Kimje scored 90% even with difficult questions and calculations in and around the kessell run.

Attention immediately shifted to Dresner but his status as an admiral’s son got him out of any wrongdoing. Instead he deflected his wrongdoing and framed Kimje’s friend Vanda Steen. Vanda was an easy target and even as Kimje protested he knew her fate was sealed. Vanda was stripped of her cadet status and was drummed out of the academy. Kimje swore to get revenge and made very little effort in hiding his disgust for Dresner. The rest of his time at the academy was fraught with difficulty as both sparred back and forth for the schools top position. Kimje’s aptitude never let him down but Dresner would use dirty tactics. Eventually Kimje had to fight fire with fire. In order to combat Dresner he studied hard and began to befriend some seedier cadets who he offered to help tutor. In return his students taught some more shady skills to help him undermine Dresner. He learned the basics of breaking and entering. He would use this at first to sneak into Dresner’s quarters and trashing his notes or locking out his computer terminal or setting alarms during horrid hours to prevent him from getting good night’s sleep. It started as small pranks and continued to escalate throughout the 3 year program.

Flight School…a turn for the worse/ First/Starting Obligation-Criminal +10
Kimje finished his time at the academy in the top 5% giving him the opportunity to become a tie pilot. Becoming a tie Pilot required another year of hands on training on a star destroyer. Unfortunately due to nepotism and his connections Dresner was also eligible. They were both assigned to the same unit on board the Star Destroyer Malice. Kimje continued to excel in his training earning high marks while fending off Dresner’s underhanded tactics with some of his own. Six months into his training The Malice responded to reports of pirates making raids into Noobian space. On one of his training flights a freighter in his sector came under attack from pirates. Kimje, Dresner and two other cadets were the first wave sent to resolve the situation. Dresner took the lead against 3 Z-95 headhunters and a boarding shuttle.

The freighter was identified as the “Big Sky”. Kimje unfortunately knew it as Vanda Steen’s freighter. She often talked about if she ever failed out of the navy she could always go work for her parents as a freighter jockey on board the “Big sky”. Much to the pleasure of Dresner, Kimje broke protocol and contacted Vanda as they engaged the enemy. Dresner ordered Kimje to be the bait and sent him out ahead of the rest of the flight. The fight was fierce but Kimje’s quick thinking and natural ability did corellians proud as he scored all 3 kills on the z-95’s and Dresner took out the shuttle.

Frustrated with Kimje’s success Dresner saw an opportunity to ruin the man who had given him so much trouble over the last few years. He declared the “Big Sky” part of the pirate group saying is was a decoy to lure ships in. Dresner began firing upon the ship. The other two cadets complied and Kimje was forced to choose between his career and someone he loved. Kimje attempted to defend the “Big Sky” taking out 2 cadets. Dresner wouldn’t let it sand though. He used the other two pilots to his advantage and managed to damage Kimje’s tie. A laser blast shook Kimje’s cockpit sending shrapnel into Kimje’s helmet. While the brunt of the damage was absorbed by the helmet a piece of the console was lodged into the right eye piece. Kimje could see the piece that was millimeters from his eye and blood flow from the wound. Crippled and dazed Dresner moved in for a kill shot but Kimje was saved by the “Big Sky” as it was able to maneuver for a shot on Dresner first.

Dresner retreated after only taking a minor blow and he knew reinforcements from the Malice would be in route. In a brave move Vanda saved Kimje from his wrecked Tie moments before the reinforcements arrived. In one mission he lost what he thought was his dream but in reality it was the only the beginning of a new career.

Dresner’s Imperial Bounty. – Second Obligation Bounty +10
Critically injured on a damaged freighter Vanda took Kimje took the only place she knew might be safe from imperial reach… Nal Hutta. Vanda’s crew began to plead with her to turn Kimje in to the imperials. “They might give us leniency” they said. However she knew it was too late and by the time they reached Hutt space Dresner had posted a 80,000 credit bounty on Kimje for his act of murder. A second bounty on the Big Sky and her crew caused a mutiny forcing Vanda to decide. She knew what Kimje had done for them and what he had sacrificed. She was crushed to have her life unexpectedly turned upside down again by Kimje. While she knew deep down that it was really Dresner’s fault for all her troubles she could not look past the misfortune Kimje had brought her. After Kimje had nearly recovered she told him that she loved him she couldn’t stay and that he would have to fight this on his own. While he tried to protest he was in no shape to go after her.

Heartbroken, injured, broke and alone Kimje had to let her go. A burning rage grew in the pit of his stomach as his disgust for the empire and especially Dresner grew with each passing day. For the next three years he worked where he could building a decent reputation as a smuggler.

Learning the trade and inheriting The Rusty Ronto:
Every Great Smuggler has a ship he can count on. They are usually fast and can carry a large payload and have a hidden compartment here or there. When Kimje was left on Nal Hutta he had nothing but a few credits and the clothes on his back. Chalk it up to Correlian luck that he knew someone in the area. Alan Sonlew was one of Kimje’s Uncles on his mom’s side. He lived out on Tatooine most of the time but spent a lot of time on Nal hutta “working” for someone named Jaba the Hutt. He was considered the black sheep of the family a trader who was highly suspected of being a smuggler. After a few weeks of searching Kimje found Uncle Al in Wild Marsh Cantina drinking his credits away. He hadn’t seen him in nearly 10 years but even with the horrific scar Uncle AL recognized him right away. He told Uncle Al his situation and he agreed to help him. Uncle Al showed him the ropes of how to be a career man out in here on the rim. He gave him a few contacts on each side of the galaxy including Lutron out on Koda Station. Uncle Al was a good teacher but a drunk and a drug addict. He had a major problem with Death Sticks and after about a year it was clear that Uncle AL was dying. He had 2 ships a newer YT-2400 called the Sand Panther that he still owed Jaba for but he had an old YT-1300 the Rusty Ronto he used for lower profile jobs that he owned outright. On his deathbed he signed over the Rusty Ronto to Kimje telling him “She ain’t much Kid but it’s all I got to give.” With that Uncle AL passed and Kimje now with a ship of his own spent every last credit he had scouring the Galaxy for Vanda and sticking it to the empire where he could.

Love: He Loves Vanda and searches the galaxy for her trying to win her back. She may or may not actually love him back.

Revenge: He Hates Dresner and want’s revenge for running his life.

Overthrow the Empire: He’s not an active member of the rebellion but He now sees what the empire truly is and hates them with a burning passion. He will go out of his way to undermine imperials even if in some small inconvenience. (stealing uniforms, messing with landing gear stealing code cylinders he doesn’t need etc.)

Kimje Kiatel

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